Low cost flights to Balkan countries

Low cost flights to Balkan countries

 Low cost flights to Balkan countries

Low_cost_flights_to_balkan_countriesEurope is well known to some of us, e.g. Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey is boring. Germany, England, Holland, France are for snobs. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus are not interesting nowadays. Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary – is nothing new. Austria, Switzerland, the same beautiful mountains, but extremely familiar… Where else we can go in Europe and see what we haven‘t seen, to experience such a thrill, of which we have only dreamt. Cheap flights with Ryanair, Wizzair, EasyJet allow you to stir up the whole Europe across along, so you should try to discover something new.

Balkans, for Eastern Europeans, is full of mysticism. Perhaps due to the fact that they were fighting, and prior to that worked closely with the „Soviet Union“, we weren‘t interested about them. There is a different world, which is already more than 5,000 years. What you really need is to pack your bag, take a little bit of money and go on an adventurous trip to the Balkans.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Do you know what the capital of Montenegro is? It is Podgorica. This mountainous country in the Balkans, is perhaps the least known, but from the side of the tourism in Europe is considered to be the leader in their infrastructure and tourism strategy. Amazing scenery, the mountains, the Adriatic Sea is a paradise on Earth. Montenegro is still impaired by a large tourist flow, so here’s everything natural. If you expect luxury, you will be disappointed. If you are interested in the natural beauty and rich history – here you will find some real wealth. How to get here? Very simple and inexpensive. Fly from Vilnius to Brussels Charleroi airport for 100 litas. And then from there fly to Podgorica for 30 Euros. Tour Vilnius-Brussels-Podgorica in both directions are not expensive – just 400 litas.

Belgrade, Serbia

This is one of the most beautiful and greatest cities of the Balkans, which is already more than 2000 years. Here took place both wars and struggles. It travelled from hand to hand and a certain number of features are up to now. The Serbs are proud to have such a city in their own country. How to travel? Very simply – Wizzair low cost airlines offers cheap flights to Eindhoven for 100 litas. From Eindhoven directly to Belgrade for 60 euros (200 litas). So, the whole trip costs about 600 litas.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The ”capital“ of Transylvania Cluj-Napoca (Klužas-Napoka) is almost in the middle of Romania. It is the second largest city after the capital city of Bucharest, Romania. The city is located in the mountains, so you can visit the mountain castle and become familiar with other forms of Romania from here. You can access it with Wizzair during Eindhoven. From here there is a direct flight to Cluj-Napokos airport for 80 Euros (280 litas). A return ticket will cost about 800 litas, but definitely worth it.

Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. The Republic of Macedonia is a mountainous country near Greece. It is the homeland of Alexander the great which preach only in the history lessons in the school. The Republic of Macedonia should not be mixed with the province of Macedonia in Greece. Here again, and access can be from the same Eindhoven. 60 Euros, and you’re already in Skopje, so the whole trip return ticket costs 650 litas.

Sofia, Bulgaria

This country you have to visit not only because of the fact that it is in the Balkans, but also due to the fact that you can hold a conversation in Russian. Bulgaria has amazing spas, where you can go by tourism agencies of Lithuania. We fly from Vilnius Airport to Eindhoven and from there for 50 Euros – to Sofia. A return ticket costs about 500 litas.

So, these are the ideas for trips in the coming five years. Cheap flights to the Balkans countries do not seem so cheap but keep in mind that you have to cross the whole Europe.

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