Low cost flights – cheap journeys Part I

Low-cost travel syndrome is the most well known, when you want to travel to you destination and from the thought of it you become even dizzy. We choose our travel destinations in all over the world. Europeans enjoy American culture and customs, and American students, explore the culture and architecture of Europe. You can experience adventures in every journey, no matter what country you go, but there are significantly more adventures in the last minute travel. Travelers opt from the variety of means of transport: trains, buses, ships, cars and flights by plane. It is likely that there are a lot of people who have seen many different films about travelling, adventures and funny travel situations. If you are looking for lots of adventures it is not difficult, you have to choose the right travel destination, buy a cheap trip and book cheap airplane tickets. Cheap travel has always attracted more tourists, but the low cost travel with incredible adventures is not for everyone.


Although adventurous journeys are not for everyone but why not try them? You can organize a low cost trip by plane across Europe. Currently, airline flights are relatively cheap, so it would be very handy to plan a fun trip through Europe, which would start from Vilnius or Kaunas airport and again end in Lithuania. Cheap flights will provide a unique opportunity to plan such trips and save some money.

It is obvious that at first you need to decide travel destination and how long it would last. The most famous film “Eurotrip” can help to take a decision. According to it, the duration of travel across Europe should be 14 days. These cheap package holidays to Egypt or Turkey for 14 days with breakfast and dinner cost 1500-2500 litas. During the low cost travel one person spends about 400-800 litas for purchases. So, cheap travel cost is about 1500-3000 litas per person. This amount is quite high so it is necessary to save in advance. Cheap flights around Europe will give you the opportunity to plan and count the amount of expenditure on airplane tickets and sightseeing. Airline flights and hotel can cost about 1000 litas per person and the additional amount of costs should be fixed up to 600-700 litas per person. Do not forget about the food, it would be enough to devote about 400 litas. So, our cheap travel costs: 300 Euros for flight and accommodation, 220 Euros for other entertainment and 100 Euros for good food. Thanks to low-cost flights, this entire travel plan is implemented without major problems; you just need to figure out how much the airplane tickets cost and make reservations.